From the recording Time Hole

Live woodwind quintet session recorded at Capitol Records.
Written, orchestrated and conducted by Prateek Rajagopal.

Brief -

How did 300 colonists disappear without a trace? At first we are curious as the astronauts work their way through the ship, finding mundane evidence of the colonists’ daily existence, diirty dishes, children’s toys, papers, clothing. But curiosity turns to dread as the astronauts encounter evidence of a fight, and tension rises as we see pockmarked walls, spent magazines from futuristic weapons, evidence of explosions, etc. Tension morphs to awe as they encounter a gigantic field of alien pods (or eggs?). Don’t get too close to those pods! But wouldn’t you know, the scientist on the team just has to take a closer look. All hell breaks loose with the flash of an alien tentacle, but the horror is short lived and the music settles quickly as the scientist dead before he hits the ground, with a hole burnt through the visor of his helmet is shown in gory closeup.

© Prateek Rajagopal 2019